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About Products

What products do you offer?

What products do you offer?
We are specialized in fashion jewelry and accessories. We mainly have 4 main lines of products Fashion Jewelry, Rhinestones, fine 18k Gold Layered by Donna Italiana and Fine Cubic Zirconia Collection by Princesa DI. 

What is Rhinestone?
The Rhinestone collection is made mainly to look like a real crystal stone. With many colors and varieties is well known among debutantes, sweet sixteen parties, proms, weddings and for the night parties. We have every piece under California 65 regulation, which means is manufacture under rigorous quality control.

What is 18k Gold Layered Jewelry?                                                                            
18k Gold layered jewelry is real 18k gold over base metal, normally the base metal is brass. This line is represented by Donna Italiana brand.

What are the karats quality used on Hoops Baby gold layered products?
18kt Gold, which is much higher than the usual 14k gold and gold filled 20/14.

Can I shower with my Gold Layered Jewelry?
Yes. You can take a shower with the jewelry on. Also, this line of product is resistant to sweats and can be worn while on the beach. 

Is Hoops Baby products hypoallergenic? 
Yes, unless noted. We strive to sell the majority of our product free of nickel or other chemical element that can cause skin allergy. 

How can I clean the product? 
The product can be cleaned with neutral soap and water, or if you prefer we sell jewelry cleaner.

How can I store my Hoops Baby Jewelry?
There is no special need for storing the product itself. 

What is the difference between of a Gold Layered Jewelry product and Fashion Jewelry Accessories (Fantasy Accessories)?
Basically is the quality. Gold Layered Jewelry you can wear on your daily basis, on the other hand Fantasy is for occasional use. 

About Order

Do you accept credit cards?
Yes. All major credit cards. Paypal and Apple Pay.

After placing the order how long does it take to my order to be shipped?
Normally 24 hours or less.

Where the product ships from?
Hoops Baby!
606 S. Hill St Suite 1217
Los Angeles, CA 90014
(213) 741-0714

Is my information safe?
Yes. We use encrypted information and Amazon webstore solution to give you a piece of mind whenever placing an order.

Do you sell my information to 3rd party?
No. Please check our Privacy Policy for more information.

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